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UFCD Clinical Research Studies

The University of Florida’s Health Science Center, with the College of Dentistry,  is committed to developing and expanding clinical research involving patients and other participants.  Our research endeavors encompass  areas such as patient care, oral biology, dental biomaterials and periodontology.  Currently, we are focused on identifying service areas that provide resources to clinical and translational research needs of our community.

Within the College are two clinics dedicated to human subject research.  The Dental Clinical Research Unit (DCRU) provides space and resources for dental investigators and other collaborators.  Services include assistance with in vitro studies,  pharmacology, microbiology, Periodontology, diagnostic methodology and  developing health care products.   For more information please visit the following website:  Dental Clinical Research Unit 


Axium and Research

Research and AxiUm

Did you know that the dental clinic management system, AxiUm can be used for specific research studies?  Research projects established in AxiUm give a research team the ability to collect data involving participants and treatments.  In addition, AxiUm can generate reports reflecting the compiled data in a variety of format. Faculty interested in establishing a research project in AxiUm should contact the IT helpdesk. UFCD IT staff will also conduct one on one or team training. Please note, IRB approval is required for all human subject studies.

Please click on the link below to view the UFCD Axium Research Clinical Managemnet System flowchart:

Axium Flowchart