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Human tooth enamel (yellow) with bacteria (blue) and red blood cells (red)Facilities at the University of Florida Dental Clinical Research Unit (DCRU) enable performance of state-of-the-art clinical research in the field of oral care, as well as collaborative research in all other areas of health care. Examples of investigational research may involve clinical studies such as anti-inflammatory products, growth factors in periodontal regeneration, clinical and microbial evaluations of systemic and locally delivered antibiotics, antimicrobials and antiseptic agents, mouth rinses and dentifrices, and newly developing health care products. The DCRU may also assist with in vitro studies of antimicrobial compounds and susceptibility studies, and test diagnostic methods and procedures.

The UF Dental Clinical Research Unit (DCRU) enables clinical research in all areas of oral care, as well as collaborative research in many other areas of health care. We may assist you with:

  • In vitro studies
  • Pharmacology
  • Immunology
  • Microbiology

  • Periodontology
  • Diagnostic methodology
  • Newly developing health care products
  • Other projects


We are always willing to explore new areas of collaborative research initiatives.

The DCRU has the capability to direct Phase I, II and III trials complete with microbiological analysis. Investigators affiliated with the DCRU may perform clinical trials within the DCRU facility located at the UF College of Dentistry and/or within other facilities associated with the DCRU or the UF Clinical and Translation Science Institute (CTSI). DCRU clinical and laboratory staff are knowledgeable and experienced in clinical trials involving pharmacology, immunology, microbiology, periodontology and hypersensitivity, and are willing to explore new areas of collaborative research. Resources within the DCRU include:

  • Enclosed, private dental operatories
  • Radiography, standard and digital
  • Secure, individual storage space
  • Refrigeration

  • A dental laboratory
  • Confidential product and data handling
  • Wireless internet
  • Calibrated examiners


The DCRU is affiliated with additional facilities capable of many additional services.

Experienced investigators, examiners and staff will assist, advise, design and/or direct short and long-term clinical/translational research to include:

Advising, Assisting, Designing and/or Directing Short and Long-term Clinical/translational Research

  • Protocol reviews
  • Budgets
  • Calibrations
  • Subject recruitments
  • Staffing
  • Regulatory Issues
  • Diagnostic Methodology

  • Data collection/management/analysis
  • Project closures
  • Specialized reports
  • Time Requirements
  • Safety and Efficacy
  • Claim Support
  • Pharmacokinetics


Research Efficiency and Regulatory Compliance

  • Dedicated clinical research facility
  • Knowledgeable and certified staff
  • Experienced investigators
  • Skilled computerized data entry

  • Health Science Center Institutional Review Board
  • Western Institutional Review Board
  • Established Standard Operating Procedures


Data Collection/ Management/ Analysis

  • Continuous quality control
  • Standard and electronic chair-side data entry

  • Clinical and microbial data integration


Assist with Specialized Reports

  • Preparation of final report for Corporate Sponsor, ADA or FDA submission
  • Preparation of scientific abstracts

  • Preparation of scientific manuscripts


Please inquire for additional or other specific services. To schedule an appointment or request further information, please call 352-273-6678.