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The Dental Clinic Research Uunit (DCRU) provides space and resources for dental investigators and other collaborators. Services include: assistance with in vitro studies, pharmacology, microbiology, diagnostic methodology and data collection/management. The DCRU is staffed with study coordinators and dental assistants who provide expertise in clinical study development and implementation. Located on the first floor of the dental school, the DCRU has multiple operatories, a lab and a conference area.

In order to track compliance, the College requires all sponsored and resident clinical research is vetted through the DCRU staff. The staff ensures all required documents are accurate and confirms that the principal investigator has access to the necessary resources in order to complete the study. The College also requires clinical research projects involving patient care are tracked in the AxiUm clinic management system. In addition to meeting compliance requirements, research projects established in AxiUm give a research team the ability to collect data involving participants and treatments.